Solar Return to Moon and Lunar Return to Sun are two important additions to our normal “Solar and Lunar Return trick bag.”  These charts, after strenuous testing, are showing extreme angularity and partile aspects relative to events. A normal Solar Return speaks especially to solar issues (ego, one’s name, attention needs), where a Lunar Return speaks especially towards lunar issues (security, nurturance, primary needs).  These two “new” varieties of Returns, the SR to Moon and LR to Sun, bring in both main factors Sun and Moon, in their calculation; so potentially speak of some combination of solar and lunar issues, and often through relationship.  In the LR to Sun chart for the month of death, we are finding very conspicuous angular Nodal placements, which suggests being in the company of family/associates at that time, and/or potential other Nodal meanings.  (karmic factors, maternal influence, etc.) The reliability of these charts has caused me to check these charts first in the “stack” (perfect word, from Eshelman) of Return charts for events or time-period analysis.